Friday, December 7, 2012


Today is a beautiful day.  Hello, welcome, and if you're about to click the back button, next blog button, or any button besides the scroll-er to read the rest of this post, DO NOT click it until you have read this entire post.  Okay, so if you're reading this because of my post in my blog, Cynara's Reality, I'm so glad that you took my advice, please continue reading. =^.^= If you are reading this because of a random stumble-upon or anything else remotely related to that, it's wonderful of you to have found this blog because you will most definitely enjoy it(you'll see why after I explain).  If nobody is reading this and I've been posting to a non-existent audience this whole time, I don't want to know, so don't tell me if that's true.
Okay, so to quickly(well, as quickly as I can) explain what's going on with this blog, I created it yesterday for the purpose of displaying a manga that I'm working on that will be titled "Today Is A Beautiful Day", just as the title of the blog suggests.  There is also supposed to be a new song with each post that may or may not have something to do with the post for that week.  Although, now I'm debating on whether to go with those original ideas or not, but the blog will change and develop over time either way.  So, I'm working on it and basically right now it's still "under construction", so please check back with in the next few hours to sometime in this next week.  Thank you for being patient, reading all the way through, and I hope to see you back here later.  Until then, have a Beautiful Day.